Don’t we all love it when our car is clean and shining even after years of buying it? but, maintaining a spotless sparkling car requires a lot of effort and time, so most people indulge in cleaning their cars with dry clothes, hard water, or even detergents.

These days with so many options available it can be a bit confusing about what one must do to keep their cars shining like new, with these basic steps you can keep your car radiating.

1. Use Only Microfiber

Instead of using a rough dry cloth always clean the surface of your car with microfiber, which is a soft cloth made of polyester and polyamide. The fine fibers are able to attach even the microbial dirt on your car and avoid swirl marks, hard water stains, etc. A dry cloth would rub the dirt on the surface of your vehicle along with the marks of its hard cloth which will lead to a lot of swirl marks on the body.

2. Avoid Bird Dropping

Even though a lot of people consider bird poop to be auspicious and lucky, this may unfortunately not be the case for your cars. In fact, bird dropping can be an act of murder for your car’s paint and windshield especially if it stays for too long. Ideally, you should not let it stay on the surface for more than a day, b, if you live in a bird-dropping prone area and cannot go for washes regularly you can get protect your car with ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating protects your car’s surface from acidic material such as bird dropping and enhances the shine of your car.

3. Scratch Treatment

One fact that we all agree with is your car cannot shine like it’s brand new as long as it has scratches on it. Now here you can have two broad options, first, if your car is already old and has some minor scratches you can get its paint corrected by visiting a good detailer and getting your car detailed. Second, if your car Is still new or even if it’s old and you want to protect it from further scratches and swirl marks you can either opt for Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Ceramic/Graphene Coating. These are strong protective layers that protect not only the painted surface but also the glasses and alloys of your ride.

One thing that you must remember is that car detailing can only remove minor scratches from the surface any deep scratches will not be removed.

4. Do Not Use Detergents On Your Car

Please follow this rule even if you do not follow the other rules, detergents are too hard on your paint’s surface. Do not fall for local, cheap, and quick car wash solution scams, most of the time they use detergents and hard water to clean cars which may give it a temporary shine but will harm the surface of your car in the long run, always use a car washing shampoo for the exterior of your vehicle, they are softer on the surface and protects your vehicle from harmful pollutants that contribute towards the good health of the surface, keeping shining and glowing in the long run.

5. Wax Your Car

Prefer getting your car waxed regularly, it keeps the UV rays of the sun away from your car’s surface to avoid making the exterior look dull and faded. You can visit a detailer and get your car washed and waxed by professionals to ensure every corner of your car is covered. We use the U.S. made Carnauba wax, which is easily retained on the surface for at least 2-3 months and doesn’t allow any dirt particles to stick to your vehicle’s surface all you need to do is regularly wipe your car’s surface with microfiber and its shine will be restored like a brand new beast.

Maintaining your car’s shine can be tedious work but believe us when we say this it is worth all the turning heads and compliments you will receive for its sparkling shine. It will also reward you when you will resale your well-maintained beloved vehicle.